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Summer Adventure Camp 2020 

       Our thrilling day camp for elementary and middle school students is designed to expose relevant academic subject matter in a fun, engaging and exciting way. KTA Summer Enrichment Program offers a well-rounded summer camp experience by blending technology education with the activities and lifetime benefits of traditional camps. Each week we will explore a variety of extreme steam activities and sports. All activities are age appropriate and geared towards divided age groups. Although we have all had to make several changes due to COVID-19 we still plan to offer and safe and fun learning environment for your children this summer. Please refer to the CDC's website at the link below for all childcare recommendations we intend to adhere to. 


CDC Guidelines For Safely Re-Opening Childcare Centers 

Ages: Our year-round early education program accepts children ages 6 weeks to 13 years. 

Our Summer Enrichment Camp accepts students from Pre-K to the 8th grade. 

Curriculum: Technology based S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) set of activities integrated with language arts, computer programming, robotics exploration, foreign language, music and culinary arts. A perfect blend of technology education and traditional summer camp fun! 

Athletics:  Onsite Recreational Swimming (temporally closed due to Covid-19) and introductory instruction to other various of sports such as Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis.
Includes:  Weekly Field Trips (ages 6-13)-suspended this summer due to COVID-19-, Daily Meal Plan, STEAM Activities, Assorted Weekly Activities, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Culinary, Sports/Fitness, Recreational On-Site Swimming (temporarily closed due to COVID-19), Game Room, Indoor/Outdoor Games (i.e. Board Games, Xbox and a Wii) and much more...


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Summer Camp

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ALL Summer Campers (new and returning) Must Submit Enrollment Application Form (under Forms tab at top) with Payment Via Email: [email protected]

***Please note registration fee is non-refundable and required to enroll in the summer program*** 


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Summer Camp

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ALL Summer Campers (new and returning) Must Submit Enrollment Application Form (under Forms tab at top) with Payment Via Email: [email protected]

***Please note registration fee is non-refundable and required to enroll in the summer program*** 

Summer Adventure Camp 2020 

Below are brief descriptions and tentative field trips.
Please note due to COVID-19 all field trips have been temporarily suspended. 
Normally o
nly campers in grades 1st through 8th are allowed on field trips,
 speakers and in-camp field trips will be brought in for younger age groups. 

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May 26th - May 29th                                                           Call for pricing

High Flying Daredevil Stunts  

Whether your looking to become a stunt double, curious as to how sporting events are recorded or simply have an interest in extreme sports this week is for you! It's time to launch your creativity and exploration and TAKE FLIGHT in this exhilarating week dedicated to daredevil extreme sports and activities. 


June 1st –June 5th                                                        Call for pricing

Aquatic Animation Alive & Film

What goes better with summer than water? You guessed it, filming under water. This week we will dive into an underwater experience of a lifetime where we immolate fish, swim like sharks and film our friends in and out the pool. 

June 8th –June 12th                                                     Call for pricing

Kid-O-lympics Sensational Sports

Have you ever wanted to try flag-football, archery, lacrosse or quidditch? Then this week is for you! Pick a color and join a team as we battle it out in our Color Wars week of Kid approved Olympic style games in celebration of the postponed 2020 Olympics.  

June 15th –June 19th                                                      Call for pricing 

Code Ninja: Cardboard Engineering

Experience a week full of developing ninja coding skills on the path from white to black belt through fun games and computer modules. At the end of the week we will construct prototypes using cardboard models. This week will also include an elementary lesson is Taekwondo.

June 22th – June 26th                                                   Call for pricing

College Bound Kids 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a teacher, doctor or lawyer? If so, this week is for you! We will visit several different colleges (virtually) and learn all bout college life. This week will also celebrate our 5th school anniversary loaded with a full week of daily spirit activities. 

June 29th - July 3rd                                                          Call for pricing

KTA Rocks: Summer Music Festival 

Ever wanted to be a producer? Can you play an instrument or want to make a music video, then join us this week when we put the music back in summer with our very own music festival. Grab your microphones and tambourines as we recreate some of today's greatest hits that lead up to our very first Kids Tech Music Video that we will feature on our Facebook page and website. 



July 6th – July 10th                                                             Call for pricing

Christmas in July 

Ever feel like you love Christmas so much that you want to celebrate it more than once a year? Yes, we do too, that is why the much-appreciated holiday known as ‘Christmas in July’ not only exists but has made its way to KTA. This year Christmas comes early complete with tree, decorations, hot chocolate bar/s'mores, gift exchange and even a visit from Santa fresh from vacation. 


July 13th –July 17th                                                    Call for pricing

So you think you got TALENT???

Can you sing, dance or do magic? Do you have a secret talent that you'd like to share with your friends? Then this is the week for you! Get your act together and present your talents for the judges in our school wide search for TALENT! We will wrap up the week by hosting a talent show where you can display all that you've got!

July 20th –July 24th                                                    Call for pricing 

Taste of the Four Seasons

Taste a years worth of food in only one week! How you may ask? By sampling

delicacy's from all over the world and favorites from all four seasons. If cooking is what you arr into or your simply a foodie who likes to try new things come by and take a BITE of all we have to offer. 


July 27th-July 31st                                                  Call for pricing 

Alexia Café

'Alexia, what's the best summer camp around?' Kids Tech, of course. This week we will explore all of the major technology brands including Alexia, Siri, Google Duo and more to expound upon how much we depend on them to communicate. During this years global pandemic we saw just how important technology can be and the ways in which it truly helps improve our everyday lives. We will end the summer with a huge party complete with outdoor activities, water play and DJ.