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Summer Enrichment Program 2018

       Our day camp for elementary and middle school students is designed to expose relevant academic subject matter in a fun, engaging and exciting way. KTA Summer Enrichment Program offers a well-rounded summer camp experience by blending technology education with the activities and lifetime benefits of traditional camps. Each week we will explore different collegiate areas of study including; Chemistry, Pre-Med, Business, and International Affairs through various activities geared towards divided age groups.

Ages: Our Year-round early education program accepts children ages 6 weeks to 13 years. 

Our Summer Enrichment Camp accepts students from Pre-K to the 8th grade. 

Curriculum: Technology based S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) set of activities integrated with language arts, computer programming, robotics exploration, foreign language, music and culinary arts. A perfect blend of technology education and traditional summer camp fun! 

Athletics:  Onsite Recreational Swimming (lessons are an additional fee) and introductory instruction to other various of sports such as Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis.

Weekly Extracurricular Classes: Chess, S.T.E.A.M Engineering, Sports Lessons, and Keyboarding

Includes:  Weekly Field Trips (ages 6-13), Daily Meal Plan, STEAM Activities, Assorted Weekly Classes, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Culinary, Sports/Fitness, Recreational On-Site Swimming , Game Room, Indoor/Outdoor Games (i.e. Board Games, Xbox and a Wii) and much more...


Single Registration Fee 

Summer Camp

Regular Rate:$125.00

Price for One Child

ALL Summer Campers (new and returning) Must Submit Enrollment Application Form (under Forms tab at top) with Payment Via Email:

***Please note registration fee is non-refundable and required to enroll in the summer program*** 


Family Registration Fee 

Summer Camp

Regular Rate:$175.00

Price for 2 or more siblings

ALL Summer Campers (new and returning) Must Submit Enrollment Application Form (under Forms tab at top) with Payment Via Email:

***Please note registration fee is non-refundable and required to enroll in the summer program*** 

Kids Tech Academy: Goes to College
 Weekly Themes 
Below are brief descriptions and tentative field trips.
Please note activities and field trips are subject to change due to weather and availability. 
Only Campers in grades 5th through 8th will visit a college each week,
 speakers and guest will be brought in for younger age groups. 

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May 29th -June 1st                                                        $199 per camper

Intro to Biology: Pre -Med with a minor in Veterinary Medicine

Put your scrubs on because the doctor is in! In this week we will teach the campers all about the exciting field of medicine. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts, and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the medical field. Through interactive learning, kids will discover how the body and organs work together, how to use medical instruments, administer first aid and even have CPR and first aid instruction. Each camper will receive a working stethoscope to take home and a diploma as a graduate after completion of the week.

College: University of West Georgia                 Field Trip: Piedmont Hospital 

June 4th –June 8th                                                        $199 per camper

CSI Academy: Forensics 101 & Pre-Law

Step into forensics and learn what it takes to be a crime scene investigator in this thrilling week dedicated to mystery. Campers will work through a series of forensic activities using one of our various case studies. Our objective will be to solve the “crime of the summer” by taking fingerprints, doing handwriting analysis, and questioning witnesses as we uncover “Who done it”. Campers will visit an actual CSI laboratory and learn the educational requirements and hear thrilling real-life stories of the CSI.

College: Atlanta Area Tech                                 Field Trip: Newnan Utility Park

June 11th –June 15th                                                    $199 per camper

Techies in Training: Hardware Engineering, Robotics, Coding

This camp offers an introductory course into the wide world of robotics and coding. LEGO Robotics is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sets of materials that enable individuals without formal training in engineering and computer programming to design, build, and program small-scale robots. In combination with this we will introduce our campers to the various OSMO iPad gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays and learns things such as hand eye coordination, money math, problem solving skills and so much more.

College: Georgia Tech                                            Field Trip: Apple Store Cumberland Mall

June 18th –June 22nd  (Spirit Week)                   $224 per camper

Broadcast Media University: Filming with Drones

Campers will explore the wide world of filmography as we make our own movies with the help of state of the art drones. In this hands-on camp we will teach the next generation of filmmakers the fundamental elements of visual storytelling. Each camper will help write, shoot, direct and edit his or her own group film and display their work at the end of the week at our Mini Movie Premiere. While were filming students will learn the basics on drone piloting, and how to create aerial shots using drones. This week we will also celebrate our schools third anniversary with spirit week! 

Field Trip: Apple Store Cumberland Mall          Field  Trip: Wild Animal Safari

June 25th – June 29th                                                  $199 per camper

Culinary Arts & Science: Kids in the Kitchen

This week is all about creating masterpieces we can eat! Learn the chemical and physical science behind some of the most delicious food recipes. Design and open your own food industry. Learn not only culinary but business and entrepreneurship skills. Best of all, campers will enjoy consuming all their favorite creations! Come enhance your culinary skills in the kitchen while learning to prepare new dishes kitchen hacks and WOW your family and friends by preparing a dish of your very own.

College: Art Institute of Atlanta                           Field Trip:  Tin Drum 

July 2nd- July 6th                                                             $199 per camper

Kids Tech Cares: Humanitarian Services

“Volunteering - is a great way to help children feel valued and connected to each other. Possibly even learn a new skill or make new friends,” said Rick Skinner, Vice President, United Way of Greater St. Louis. This week is all about giving and helping our community. What better way to show how much we really care than to donate our time for a greater benefit of the community. We will learn about recycling and receive a visit from the recycling center and to conclude the week follow numerous humanitarians and philanthropists to uncover what drives them to give back what they work so hard to obtain. 

Volunteering: Atlanta Mission:                        In-Camp Field Trip: Reptile Show 

 My Sisters House                        

July 9th – July 13th                                                       $199 per camper

International Studies through Virtual Reality

We will travel to various continents and see the wonders of exotic lands all without leaving the comforts of Kids Tech. In this thrilling week we intend to cover the world around us through our virtual reality headsets to gain perspective from other cultures.  We will explore different cultures and utilize the knowledge we obtain from each to learn various ways to effectively negotiate intentional deals and market products globally.  College: Spelman (girls)                                    Field Trip: Kids Choice   

                 Morehouse (boys)

July 16th –July 20th                                                    $199 per camper

Fine Arts Academy: Sculpting, Painting & Architecture

In this fun filled week of art from A to Z campers will indulge, enjoy and put to use their creative artistic side using various mediums to create their very own masterpieces. They will explore their artistic pallets through guided painting, sculpt creations from clay, create collage vision boards and at the end of the week we will present our best works of art at Kids Tech's first Gallery Show. 

College: Savannah College of Art & Design            Field Trip: Bubbles and Brushes

July 23rd –July 27th                                                    $199 per camper

KTA School of Business, Marketing and Economics: 

Elementary Entrepreneurship

According to the 2011 Gallup-HOPE Index, 77 percent of students in grades 5 through 12 said they wanted to work for themselves one day, 45 percent said they planned to start their own business, and 42 percent said they would invent something that would change the world, so why not start TODAY? In this entrepreneurial minded week, we will explore the possibilities of what is like to own our own businesses. Campers will host a multitude of guest speakers at our facility to discover qualities that have made some of the most successful leaders in our community. 

College: Georgia State University                                 Field Trip: Top Golf 

July 30th-August 3rd                                                  $229 per camper

Hogwarts School of Chemistry

Wand making, cauldron concoctions, explosions and potion making all jammed packed into our last week of camp. With this introductory course on Chemistry spend a week at Hogwarts and learn about potions, herbology, magic and more. Share your enthusiasm for Harry Potter and participate in various hands-on activities guaranteed to thrill.

College: Self-Guided                                                          Field Trip: Aquarium 

Clayton State University